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CWR Talent and its CEO and Founder, Corinne Winter-Rousset has one of the widest global people networks plus loyal and appreciative clients established through decades of trust by learning what works, learning what doesn’t, and always delivering.

Arriving in Paris, France from New York City, Corinne’s career track naturally took a French twist, serving in various leadership roles as VP HR and Communications for global brands such as Ernst & Young, Disneyland Paris, Choice Hotels International and The Ascott Group. Corinne is considered an industry expert on strong brands with strong cultures as it pertains to its people, organisational development and how everyone fits into the organisation.  After a successful career in Human Resources, CWR turned her attention to pure Talent Acquisition, organisational development advisory and executive career coaching within her considerable network, many of whom she has represented from their early management careers to present, leadership C Suite executives at the top of their field.

 We are delighted to partner with CWR Talent for the benefit of all our clients and candidates.

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